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Phil Head

Phil Head

The Racketsmith

Phil has been a professional squash tour player and coach for over 30 years. He reached a world ranking of 140, and has worked as a squash professional in various clubs and countries in the world, most recently the Head Squash Professional at the Hong Kong Football Club for the past 24 years. During his tenure in Asia, Phil has won a record 10 Asian Jumbo Doubles Championship Titles.

His knowledge of the game and its equipment is extensive. Having been on the Research & Design team of other squash brands for the past 30 years. He has first hand knowledge of the process and requirements to design and manufacture extremely high quality squash rackets, bags, apparel and equipment. 

His longstanding connections with factories in China and Taiwan give Blade an advantageous insight into new innovative construction materials, ideas and designs, and combined with his passion for Japanese martial arts and his desire to be a warrior on the court, Phil has created BLADE, the next level in squash technology, racket design and equipment. 



Harry Thind

The Marketing and Sporting Goods Industry Specialist

An ardent squash player, fitness enthusiast and sales and marketing specialist with over 20+ years of experience in leading organizations across the Asia Pacific, Middle-East and Africa.

He is recognized for his marketing contribution to brands like Reebok and Speedo in the region. Having worked in various roles and regions with brands like Reebok, adidas, Puma, Speedo and Skechers he has accumulated valuable experience and expertise required to develop sustainable distribution channels for sports brands.




Ken Lo

The Finance Professional

A dedicated squash player, he has been in the finance industry for over 20 years, in a variety of roles from being an actuary, a sell-side investment professional, a co-founder of tech startups and fundraiser for fast growth companies.